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Construction of the New Sunset Beach, NC, Bridge

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English Construction Company, Inc., Lynchburg, Virginia

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September 10, 2010
New interchange seen from Shoreline Drive
Mainland ramp to new bridge
Mainland ramp
Almost all traffic will be in a right-turn lane. A small amount will go straight for Twin Lakes Restaurant and the future boat ramp. See diagram below.
September 11, 2010
One of the great contributions of the new bridge is the removal of 500 linear feet of the old causeway. It ran beneath the new bridge. So far 350 linear feet have been removed. This allows growth of Smooth Cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora, our most common marsh grass, and will provide habitat for millions of microscopic marine animals. Additional photo below.
September 13, 2010  
One of two drains beside the mainland ramp of the new bridge that will funnel run-off from the bridge ramp to Mary's Creek, aka Slough Canal.
Drain in a Sea Trail pond. If the pond becomes too full due to run-off during heavy rains, this drain will send overflow across to the drain shown on the left through which it will flow to Slough Canal.
Portion of large rectangular infiltration basin west of end of actual bridge on island side. Pollutants such as oil and grease will be filtered out of water in this basin before the water is discharged into the Big Narrows. The basin is located on an old fill section that has been in place since the causeway was first built.
Drain cover adjacent to infiltration basin shown on left.
Absolute end of new bridge on island side before access ramp. The white pipe carries water to the catch basin in the photo above this one.
My favorite aspects of the new bridge are the two catch basins to filter run-off and the return of 500 linear feet of causeway to marsh and water, possibly increasing the size of the Big Narrows. This is a photo of a portion of the new marshland!
Members of the Sunset Beach Fire Department will be able to drive their 72,000-pound ladder truck across the new bridge, tremendously improving outcomes in emergencies.