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Construction of the New Sunset Beach, NC, Bridge

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English Construction Company, Inc., Lynchburg, Virginia

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The new Sunset Beach Bridge will be completed before the full project is completed. If there are no complications, the bridge should open to vehicular traffic in early October 2010. Dedication will be at 4 PM on October 1. After the new bridge is open to traffic, the detour, the work bridge and the old bridge will be removed. Causeway changes will be made. There already is more marsh than there was with the original causeway. Still more will develop when an additional portion of the old causeway is removed. Catch basins on the island and mainland ends will capture run-off from the bridge to prevent chemicals in it from polluting the water.
January 19, 2010
Despite the clutter of construction equipment, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway is brilliant.
A barge used to bring girders from the manufacturer's plant in Savannah, Georgia
The extra, yellow, support columns were added when the center girders were being installed across the 230-foot opening for boat traffic at the center of the bridge.
Bridge work simultaneously occurs at multiple places on the mainland and island side. Men are always at alert, studying plans and watching equipment move into position.
April 28, 2010
Workmen labor to center and attach a back-hoe to an I-beam or girder to lift it.
May 26, 2010
Welders at one of the thousands of places requiring welding on the bridge.
June 3, 2010
Boat rushing under unfinished portion of new bridge and through open Pontoon Bridge
Final portion of new bridge awaiting last four girders
230-foot center span of new Sunset Beach Bridge. One of the large footings with six drill shafts to support it is shown on the right. Additional support was needed to prevent breakage from boats
Another photo of the center span with the Pontoon Bridge back in place for vehicular traffic
The last stretch of the new Sunset Beach Bridge needing girders with a barge that will be used for the second crane necessary to position the girders shown on right