Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast

by Peter Meyer

There are two main categories of folks on beaches. Many souls, weary from a year of work, rest and watch their children build sand castles and play in the surf. Others walk countless miles searching for never-ending coastal treasures. A life-long member of the latter group, the more I walked, the more questions I had. Peter Meyer answered them in the Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast. The second edition -- far longer and more detailed with superb drawings and photographs -- has been published. This book is essential to recognize shells, crabs, fish and birds and to understand and appreciate our coastal environment. Questions asked by beachcombers this week on this website include: can crabs live out of water, do Ghost Crabs come out all year round, what is the difference between Knobbed and Channeled Whelks, how dangerous are Portuguese man-of-war, are alligators marine animals and what types of shells and crabs are safe to eat.

Answers to those questions and thousands of others are in the Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast. My journey began with the first edition of this book. Meyer's second edition will take me much further on my excursion. I encourage you to order a copy of this comprehensive guide as soon as possible. An order form is below. As I have told Peter, long ago I recommended the Nature Guide to a woman who was asking me questions. She replied that she had already purchased it and that, on the day she did, she read it from cover to cover. She could not put it down. I guarantee that you will share our experience. Jo O'Keefe