February 18, 2007

Photos of a Lettered Olive walking on Bird Island, NC

Copyright 2007 Jo O'Keefe All Rights Reserved

Today I walked to the Bird Island jetty on the NC/SC state line. I have always found it mystical and enjoyed the peace of the ocean enroute. The waves are gentle because that portion of the surf is protected by the jetty. It is sand dollar heaven.

I found about two dozen dead sand dollars, saw scores of holes indicating that lives one were beneath the sand, dug up three good-sized cockle shells and two whelks. The star of the show and the only animal that I photographed was an olive.

The holes made by, presumably, the lunnels of a sand dollar as it was surfacing
Lettered olive surfacing
Lettered olive walking



Lettered olive walking
Lettered olive proboscis
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