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Sunset Beach People

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Members of the Lloyd and Loftis Families of Lexington and Columbia, SC, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/26/09
Members of the Robinson and Daringer families spent their last day at the beach building a large sea turtle. The families have been coming to Sunset Beach for around 10 years and now are so addicted that they come twice a year. Their homes are in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Atlanta, Chattanooga and Laughlintown, Pennsylvania. Sunset Beach, NC, 07/10/09
Mother and daughters from Montreal with live Knobbed Whelk, Sunset Beach, NC, 08/04/08
A 5-year-old boy holding a Sand Fiddler Crab that did not move -- highly unusual, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/18/08
Parasailing, Sunset Beach, NC, 07/30/08
A Winston-Salem, NC, girl with a hermit crab in a Periwinkle shell that matched her yellow toe-nail polish, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/30/08
Girls reading, an unusual find at the far eastern point, Sunset Beach, NC, 06/18/08

Girls holding a horseshoe crab molt (exoskeleton), Sunset Beach, NC, 03/21/08 and 4/7/08

Friends with a nearly dead Smooth Dogfish Shark, Mustelus canis, Sunset Beach, NC, 03/17/08
John, Gary and Megan Kiger with the 26 spires that they built, September 13, 2007
Discvoering the Ocean
Discovering the Ocean
A toddler experiences ocean waves, 08/25/07
Octopus vulgaris
Release of octopus
A boy from Carolina Shores, NC, holding a young octopus (L) and a line of people surrounding him when he carried it to deep water to release (R), The octopus "inked" the boy repeatedly. Sunset Beach, NC, 08/07/07
Kayakers in Jenks Creek, Sunset Beach, NC, June 13, 2007
Dog and Boy
Dog and Boy
Fetch, November 24, 2006
A Child with a Sea Star
Child with Forbes Sea Stars
Casting for Bait
A loan fisherman at dawn at the bridge
Ray Williams feeding gulls
Kayaker, 11/26/06
Mystic Afternoon Sunlight
Late Afternoon, November 10, 2006