Sunset Beach, North Carolina Potpourri

against a background of the sky over Sunset Beach

Jo O'Keefe Copyright 2010. Photos may be used for educational purposes only. Contact me with inquiries.

Mud Flats along Causeway, Sunset Beach, 07/20/09
Sea Oats, Sunset Beach, 07/10/09
Kiger Family spire, September 13, 2007
Madd Inlet on west end of Sunset Beach, 10/24/06
Late Afternoon, November 10, 2006
Pampas Grass
Low Tide on the East End in Evening Sunlight
Sunset Beach Bridge
A scene repeated thousands of times
Crisp December Day
Jenks Creek
Marsh along Causeway
Pampas Grass
School Bus on the bridge
The dune along Jinks Creek
Sea Oats on the East End
Mystic Late Afternoon Lighting on the East End
A sailboat going through the bridge
A fishing trawler going through the open bridge